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Restaurant POS System and Deli POS System merchants take note of BAM Deli in Bakersfield California using a Free Casio ECR POS System with built-in payment processing from Free POS Pros.

Free Casio Electronic Cash Registers with Built-in credit card processing Bakersfield California BAM Deli Restaurant Deli merchant Free POS Pros clientFree Casio Electronic Cash Registers with Built-in credit card processing Bakersfield California BAM Deli Restaurant Deli merchant Free POS Pros client 

BAM Deli of Bakersfield, California, a restaurant-deli merchant, is now using a Free Casio TK-1550 Electronic Cash Register (ECR) POS System, with built-in credit-PIN debit-gift card processing, from  and United Bank Card, Inc. 

BAM Deli called us two weeks ago, after visiting office supply stores and local cash register dealers.  Unhappy with the options and the outrageous prices, BAM Deli called directly at (661) 717-7574 (PST) to offer up a solution.

We went to BAM Deli and looked over their menu and hours of operation, and collectively decided that one of our Free Harbortouch Touchscreen POS Systems was not the right fit for BAM Deli.  So we provided them with our Free Placement Casio TK-1550 ECR POS Restaurant Solution.   The Casio TK-1550 ECR POS System is the right fit for a smaller deli or restaurant, such as BAM Deli, located at Pacheco Road and Wible Road, in Bakersfield, CA at (661) 837-8687.

The Free POS Solution provided to BAM Deli comes with Lifetime guaranteed replacement, exceptional 24/7 technical support, an individually customized system, all for a flat annual fee of only $79.  One call for all cash register, credit, debit, and gift card solutions makes BAM Deli rest assured that and United Bank Card, Inc. are here to support them for many years to come.

The Casio TK-1550 ECR is built with a flat membrane keyboard to withstand liquid spills, dirt and other foreign particles.  Additionally, the keyboard layout can be customized through a simple and easy to use online wizard, allowing merchants to know the exact specifications of their new Free CASIO POS Cash Registers before they are shipped out.  The Casio ECR POS Systems come complete with heavy duty cash drawers, built-in secure PCI PED credit and PIN debit card payment terminals, and backlit customer displays.  The CASIO ECR POS Systems can be run over dial-up or Ethernet connectivity for merchants’ convenience.

BAM Deli will now be able to track all of their daily cash, check, credit and gift card sales, as well as taxable and non taxable sales. The CASIO ECR POS Systems are easy to use and ready to go out of the box, which allowed BAM Deli to train their staff in about 30 minutes on the CASIO ECR Free POS System from and United Bank Card, Inc. 

Now BAM Deli can do what they do best, make great breakfasts, lunches, and dinners, as great Greek restaurant owners have done in Bakersfield, California for many years.  Visit BAM Deli on Pacheco Road and Wible Road, just west of the Auto Mall.  Call Evie or George Arhaniotis at (661) 837-8687, and ask for a menu or specials to be faxed to you.  Open Monday-Sunday 7am-8pm PST. Get food to go!

By the way, we also lowered BAM Deli’s credit card processing rates by over 50 basis points or .50% provided to them from CH@@E Bank.  Sometimes a bigger bank is not the best partner for credit and debit card processing solutions, especially when the solutions come with Free Casio POS ECRs and FREE Harbortouch Touchscreen POS Systems, from and United Bank Card, Inc.  Call us today at (661) 717-7574 (9-7PST) or 1-888-834-2561 #101 (9-7PST).  Thank you.

©Keith Ragn 2011 " Free POS Systems for all USA merchants."

©Keith Ragan 2011  “Free POS Systems for all USA merchants.”

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