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Merchants in the United States of America need to ensure that credit card receipts are truncated with no expiration dates

We at  would like to remind all merchants in the United States of America processing credit card sales, that they need to ensure that that their credit card terminals, touchscreen POS, point of sale systems, and electronic cash registers (that process credit cards), have the credit and debit card numbers truncated and the expiration date masked on their receipts.  These requirements are federally mandated by the Fair and Accurate Credit Transaction Act of 2003 (FACTA).

According to the rules provided by FACTA, all receipts must have the card number truncated, which means that no more than the last five (5) digits can be shown; the other numbers are usually masked by X’s.  Additionally, the entire expiration date of the card must be masked, usually by X’s, on cardholder receipts.  These rules were put in place to protect consumer identity and security.  Significant fines and legal ramifications have been imposed on merchants that fail to adhere to the FACTA and state regulations for credit card receipt truncation. Do not be one of these merchants.

The federal FACTA rules need to be followed over state-specific regulations, unless the state calls for rules that are more stringent than FACTA (and still meet FACTA rules).  In that case, the merchant must follow the state regulations.  However, in situations where the state rules call for less stringent provisions than FACTA, FACTA rules must be followed.  Terminal downloads provided by United Bank Card, Inc., and Harbortouch Touchscreen POS, and FreePOSPros are properly built to truncate and mask the receipts.

However, it is important to look at your receipts, even after they have been truncated by your respective processors, due to files accidentally going to default settings after power surges, etc... If any merchants in the USA discover that their cardholder receipts do not abide by the rules, please contact your respective processors for assistance.  If you require more assistance, please contact us here at  or email .  Our new Free Harbortouch Touchscreen POS Systems, our Free Casio Electronic Cash Registers, and all of our other credit card pos equipment is truncated, to help instill consumer confidence and to protect all stakeholders in the payment processing industry.

Thank you and happy swiping!

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