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Merchant requesting 8 Free Harbotouch POS Systems and splitting bar orders by floor level

A posting on our Free Harbortouch Point of Sale Office owner's forum:

A great example of how robust and customizable our Free Harbortouch Touchscreen Point of Sale Systems are for merchants. Eight printers in this example, and successfully allowed to split orders between bars and floors of the restaurant, as per the merchant's requirements. Good job Harbotouch team! Free POS for ALL! Keith at 1-888-834-2561 #101 9-7PST

I thought you'd like this:  To read the posting on our HT Forum:
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 Topic: Printers.
"I spoke to a bar mgr last week and he said that he would be needing eight systems. (Another meeting coming up.) With five printers per POS system, I suppose this is not a big deal. Simply that each......"

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