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We have all by now at this point in our lives received a gift certificate from a friend or family member.  Gone are the days of an old, in-efficient, paper based gift card program.  Due to the lack of control and the technological advances that allow printed paper based gift certificates to be easily counterfeited today, we have progressed to the plastic mag-strip wallet sized gift cards.  These cards are just not future sales for merchants, but can be an easily customizable advertising source that keeps your business on the top of your customers’ minds and in their wallets.

We have recently integrated our customizable gift card program into our free Electronic Cash Registers (ECRs) and our free to use touchscreen point of sales systems for hospitality and retail merchants.  By having the gift card program integrated into the ECRs and the touchscreen POS, merchants are able to move away from a third party vendor for gift card support and processing.  Also, the elimination of a standalone gift card terminal saves time, money, and reduces errors for better cash flow management.

The gift card is a tool for future sales and brand building awareness in your market.  With the new customizable gift cards we have, merchants will not just have a plain piece of plastic with their name on it.  We offer full color customizable gift cards for retail and restaurant merchants, and we even allow merchants to give our gift card program a 60 day no-obligation trial, with 50 free cards to start.

I was often told by merchants in the past that they would order gift cards for the holidays, but now more than ever merchants are realizing that every day is a holiday for someone.  I mean we all have birthdays, we get married, we get promotions, graduate from school, etc.  Or, we may just give a  gift card as a thank you, like I do for my merchants every day. 

So, the next time you see a gift card or receive one, ask yourself, is today the day I get my business on the top of my customers minds and in their wallets?  Visit for more information or and click on the gift card link

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