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Harbortouch Free Touchscreen POS System Retail merchant testimonials

Free POS and Harbortouch are pleased to provide all Bakersfield-California- and USA merchants with another testimonial from one of our thousands of satisfied Free Harbortouch Touchscreen point-of-sale (POS) program merchants.  Come see why our program is changing the POS industry and allowing merchants who could never afford a POS system previously, to finally compete with the bigger retail and hospitality merchants.


Please read the written testimonial from one Harbortouch's merchants below, and click the link at end of page to view some of our demonstration videos.


Cindy, Manager at Moon Dance Wine & Spirits:

"Our entire experience with Harbortouch has been positive so far. First, the transition from our old terminal to the Harbortouch POS System went very smoothly. With the help of the Harbortouch technical support team, we were able to easily load the inventory from our old terminal to the new system. As a wine and liquor store, this was a very important feature for us since we have such an extensive inventory.

Onsite installation and training also went very smoothly and our employees were able to learn the Harbortouch software quickly. Having a wonderful Tech Support team by our side every step of the way was also a great help, especially during the training process. It was very valuable being able to call in and talk to a knowledgeable representative at any time and without waiting.

The Harbortouch system has really increased our ability to handle customers faster and more efficiently. Having everything at my fingertips definitely makes my job easier and saves a lot of time. With Harbortouch, we're able to spend less time working on daily reports, evaluating inventory and initializing PO's to vendors. The system handles these functions so we don't have to do them manually.

There are countless features that have been extremely useful. For example, I can keep track of employee hours and see who our best customers are. The system also allows us to easily manage discounts.

Overall we are extremely satisfied with the Harbortouch system. It makes my every day work easier and helps our business run more efficiently. Who wouldn't want the Harbortouch POS System at their business?"


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