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Harbortouch Free Touchscreen POS Program NEW 2012 Enhancements

Hello merchants.  2012 has been a very busy time for us at and Harbortouch.  Harbortouch recently added many new functions and enhancements to the revolutionary Free touchscreen POS program sweeping the USA.  
Since the launch of the Free Harbortouch POS program in January 1, 2011, over 7000 of your fellow merchants have joined the program.  Currently over 800 merchants per month are saving money and time by switching to the Harbortouch Free POS program.  

The following is a one of the new enhancements for the Harbortouch Free POS program, for the Hopsitality/Nightclub/Quick Serve merchants in Bakersfield, California, and the entire USA, as well as updates to the merchant payback bonuses for each Free Touchscreen POS placed at merchant businesses in the USA, Alaska, and Hawaii:

 Harbortouch Tableside, which enables restaurant servers to in-put customer orders directly from the table via an Apple iPad (registered trademarks of Apple).  Now Hospitality merchants can use an iPad to mirror the interface of the actual Harbortouch Free POS software.  The orders will be routed directly to the kitchen or the bar for a dramatic increase in efficiency, as well additional cost savings for the merchant.  Merchants will now be able to use less physical touchscreen POS system units, by using the Harbortouch Tableside program, to take the place of POS stations where servers would generally place their orders. 
We actually have merchants that initially were going to use 5 touchscreen POS units, but now are using 2 or 3, with the addition of 3 iPads to their POS solution.  Harbortouch Tableside  reduces the merchants investment in the Harborotuch Free POS program, yet still provides all of the benefits and features of the Free toucshcreen POS program, from Harbortouch and .  
Harbortouch Tableside provides many benefits and features for the restaurant and the restaurant's customers by streamlining the ordering process and keeping the waitstaff on the floor, within close proximity to the guests, for additional orders and problem resolutions.   Below are some of the Merchant Benefits of the Harbortouch Tableside program:

1.   Significant improvements in order efficiency.  Less mistakes equals less costs for food and beverage.  
2.   Increased speed of service for happier customers.  
3.   Quicker table turns produce additional revenues.
4.   Elimination of the redundancies associated with hand written orders.
5.   More accurate ordering.
6.   Waitstaff on the floor more to upsell or place additional orders on the fly.
7.   A unique and impressive dining experience for your restaurant guests.  

*Apple and iPad are registered trademrks of Apple Inc. Merchants must provide their own Apple iPads for Harbortouch Tableside functionality. has increased the merchant payback bonuses for each Free touchscreen POS system placed at merchants' locations.  Now merchants will receive bonuses from $100+ per system up to $300 per Free Touchscreen POS Harbortouch system placed through office only.  Call 1-888-834-2561 #101 (8am-8pm) PST today, for more information on the Harbortouch Tableside program and the merchant payback placement bonuses.  You can also email us at anytime for more information, and to setup a LIVE interactive merchant online demonstration. 

Thank you.

Best to you all and Happy Selling,
Keith Ragan and the team         




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