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California Merchants Adjust Cash Registers and Point of Sale-POS Systems to capture reduced CA sales tax

Received alot of calls from Electronic Cash Register and POS merchants in California requesting support on changing their California Sales Tax. Recommended that all ECR (cash register with credit cards) merchants and touchscreen POS merchants, call in to their respective hardware vendors ASAP, for support to complete the sales tax changes. 

Merchants need to have a single source for their credit card processing, POS hardware, and POS software, like Free Pos Pros' Free  Harbortouch POS Sytems.  For now, please call your hardware POS supplier, and then if no resolution, call your current payment processor. 

A $0.01 savings might not seem like much, but with a busy location doing $100,000 a month in taxable sales, that equals $1,000 in reduced taxes!

Good luck and happy sales.  Email us when you need resolutions or some guidance, even if you are with another processor or POS vendor, and all with no obligation.  Email:  .

Thank you.

Keith at

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