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We wanted to update you on our Harbortouch Free POS program, effective Feb.1, 2012, merchants will own their POS equipment after the five-year hardware initial service agreement is completed.  After the five year period, merchants can either keep the equipment for free, or pay the ($59 per system quarterly software and support fee, which will provide all warranty, repairs, replacements, upgrades, unlimited tech support, and more.)  After 5 years the monthly $59 per POS system is eliminated, yet you still have the warranty and replacement coverage, if merchants pay the quarterly support fee.

So, the program is like a rent to own program, but merchant's will not have outdated or non-compliant equipment or software, and the peace of mind with the low fixed quarterly fee after 5 years, is something no other POS provider
can offer.

Please review the added POS program capabilities below and let us know if any questions, or if you would like to join a LIVE merchant Q&A DEMO webinar, which we have for February every Wednesday at 2pm EST.  Sign-up for the webinars at or use the form on our website at .


We are pleased to announce many improvements to the free POS program, both effective February 1. The first announcement is that merchants will now own their free POS equipment once the initial five year service
agreement is complete. The service agreement will still auto-renew at the completion of the initial five year term to cover all equipment repairs/replacement (only $59 per quarter per POS system), but if the merchant cancels their account after this time they will not be required to return the equipment.  This program is retroactive to all of our thousands of existing Free Harbortouch POS program merchants.  Below are some additional enhancements to our Free Harbortouch POS program:

  • Harbortouch POS Elite is a new all-in-one POS system that is the perfect tool to attract high end merchants through its sleek look and powerful features ($69 per system per month).  More details on website shortly!

  • We introduced two new enhancements to the Hospitality program. First is Harbortouch Tableside which enables merchants' staff to take orders directly at the table with the use of merchant's  iPad (no software charge). The second is Harbortouch Reservations, which allows merchants to accept reservations online and manage both online and direct reservations right through the POS system.

  • Finally, the introduction of Perkwave. The full capabilities are not yet released, but Perkwave will allow merchants to capture customer information for loyalty/marketing and speed up payments via customers’ Smartphones!

  • Please keep in mind that although the software is a tremendous and valuable feature, what separates Harbortouch from the competition is the cost of the hardware. Nobody can offer complete (customized, installed and 24/7 support with a replacement warranty) POS System for no upfront money and a monthly service fee that is less than the cost of a cell phone.

    Many more features are to be released over the next few months for C-Store, QSR/Delivery, and Wine and Spirits  merchants, so stay tuned.

    Thank you from the Harbortouch POS team at Free POS 




































































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