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 Many exciting changes for the Free Harbortouch POS program that launched January 2011 are coming.  We are now placing over 800+ Free Harbrotouch POS systems each month and increasing that number every month.   The Feb. 1, 2012 announcement was released stating that all merchants will actually own their Harbortouch POS systems after their five year service agreement is completed, as we listened to merchants' needs and concerns.

No other POS provider can match the initial five year service agreement, with low flat fixed monthly costs of $59 per touchscreen POS system bundle for the base package or $69 a month for the NEW High-end all aluminum all-in-one Harbortouch Elite Touchscreen POS system.  Factor in the savings merchants will realize after year five, and the Harbortouch POS program is a win-win for all parties, with a monthly low flat fixed cost of only $19.00 per POS system bundle. 

While the monthly $59 or $69 per POS system bundle cost is eliminated after year five, the unlimited tech support, warranties, replacements, upgrades, repairs, parts, labor, and more is still included in the program for merchants that wish to pay the $19.00 per POS system bundle.  Now that is a great value for merchants and peace of mind.

Yet, some merchants may want to just keep the Harbortouch POS systems after year five of the service agreement, and not pay the $19.00 monthly POS support/warranty fee, which is fine.  We have always been fair to merchants since 1996, and will continue to offer merchants the freedom to choose.

Here are some of the NEW exciting enhancements that will be available March 26th, 2012 for all merchants in the USA, Alaska, and Hawaii,  announced  by our CEO, Jared Isaacman on March 7th, 2012:

"On March 26th, the new service agreement will be released that will feature the Harbortouch Elite hardware, the improved Harbortouch Retail software, the new Harbortouch QSR & Delivery, Harbortouch Spirits and Harbortouch C-Store.  There are literally millions of potential merchants out there that we can now support with our expanded offerings. As we discussed in our January 1st announcement, Harbortouch is not just adding new hardware and software. We are also delivering some major innovations such as Harbortouch Tableside, enabling waiters and waitresses to take customer orders right at the table on an Apple iPad, and Harbortouch Reservations, which replaces traditional, costly reservation management software. Both of these innovative new products are being offered with our Hospitality package at no additional charge. "   

Please email us at  or click GET MY FREE TOUCHSCREEN POS today. 

Thank you, Keith Ragan and the Free POS Pros team in California at .

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