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Bakersfield, California and USA touchscreen POS merchants a new Harbortouch Free Touchscreen POS merchant testimonial and video

FreePOSpros would like all Bakersfield, California, and USA merchants, to know they can rest assured with the Harbortouch Free Touchscreen POS program.  Please read the following merchant testimonial and view the merchant restaurant POS video testimonial too.  Then call us at (661) 717-7574 (PST) or email us at  to schedule a POS demo or for more information.


Dean, Owner of Neworld Cafe:

 "After working with more expensive yet less efficient systems, we felt the need to make the transition to Harbortouch.

This process was painless and the system is extremely user friendly.  Our sales rep helped to make this a very smooth process and guided us through the transition from beginning to end. He still checks in on us from time to time to see how things are going. This sense of personal attention helps reassure us that choosing Harbortouch was indeed the right decision.

 The installation and training process went great! The installation only took about 4 hours and then the technician provided training while he was here.

 It was very easy to familiarize ourselves with the software and train our employees on how to use the system. The employees were able to quickly learn the Harbortouch software which cut down on training time.

 One of the features that really stood out to us was the customer information section. This has helped us build an e-mail list as well as a mailing list for direct mail purposes, allowing us to keep our customers in the loop regarding in-store promotions.

 The reports are another great aspect of the Harbortouch system. They allow us to keep a close eye on products and labor at the push of a button.  The labor and statistics report alone has helped us tremendously. We also feel the product mix report is a great tool especially in the beginning to help with building and maintaining par levels.  Also, when we run a special, the Harbortouch system will do a countdown for us so the cashier doesn't have to ask how many of those items are left.

 The ability to offer gift cards and accept them directly through the Harbortouch system has been another really valuable function. During the holidays, the gift cards turned out to be big sellers.

 Overall, the Harbortouch system has simplified our operations and given us more time for other things. This entire experience has been very satisfying from the hardware and software to the installation and support."

 Visit  to view the video from Dean!

Thank you all very much.

Keth and the Free POS Pros team.





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