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Bakersfield and California Restaurant Operators New Food Handler Law 2012


Free POS Pros and company would like to remind all
Bakersfield and California Restaurant Merchants that the Food Handler
Compliance Deadline is effective January 1, 2012. 
Avoid costly fines and violations by using the links in the following
California Restaurant Association (CRA) article, retrieved October 2011 by CRA member

Compliance deadline coming Jan.1

On Jan. 1, health inspectors across the state will begin to
enforce one of the most widespread food safety laws to ever hit the restaurant
industry. The California Food Handler Card law mandates food handlers who work
in a restaurant and prepare, serve or store food must have a California Food
Handler Card to work. County health inspectors will begin enforcement on Jan.1.

Signed in September 2010, the landmark food safety law affects
approximately 900,000 restaurant employees across the state.

“Restaurant operators are incredibly busy and have hundreds of
laws to comply with just to keep their doors open,” California Restaurant
Association (CRA) President + CEO Jot Condie said. “We’ve executed an
aggressive educational campaign using a variety of communication channels,
including earned, paid and social media, to ensure operators know about the law
and how to comply, yet we know there are still folks out there who aren’t
aware. Unfortunately they may learn about it the hard way through a health
inspection penalty.”

The new law requires nearly 1 million food handlers in California
to undergo food safety training and pass a test to earn a card. It also
mandates that employers maintain records and are ready to provide copies of the
cards to county officials during the inspection process.

With only 25 days left for existing employees to take the training
and test, many restaurant workers are expected to be scrambling to secure their
California Food Handler cards over the next few weeks.

The National Restaurant Association’s ServSafe® California Food
Handler program fulfills the requirements of the law, and includes a suite of
options for employees to obtain a card through training and passing an exam,
both online and in print for classroom-style training. Employees can take the
training and test online in English and Spanish. Workers can use the discount
code CADIST10 to take the online training for $13.50 at


ServSafe bilingual help desk is available to answer questions in
English and Spanish at 866.901.7778 or

Operators and employees who are looking for more in-depth
information about the law can visit

By staying compliant, California Restaurant merchants can avoid
fees and penalties, and reduce customer attrition, due to non-compliance.  Reducing expenses and increasing sales and
cash flows, is what we at strive
to achieve for all of our merchants. 
Save your time and money for upgraded Touchscreen Point of Sale Systems,
and not for fines, penalties, and loss of customer sales.

Happy Holidays and Happy Selling in 2012 and beyond!  Call us at (661) 717-7574 (PST) or email us
at .  Thank you.

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