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American merchants can finally avoid expensive leases for Touchscreen POS Systems, Integrated Electronic Cash Registers, and credit card terminals with

The payment processing professionals at are always concerned with any factors that may prevent merchants from opening and operating their businesses.  America is the land of dreamers and innovators.  Unfortunately, many American businesses open and close operations within the first year of operation, due to many factors. 

One of the most avoidable factors that can impact a business negatively today is the leasing of credit card processing (POS-point of sale) equipment.  Those days are over for the merchants that can find the right POS and payment processing partners. is one of these partners, which many merchants should explore.  Be it new merchants POS equipment needs, or existing merchants needing to replace outdated non-PCI compliant POS equipment, can find a fair solution for all American merchants.

In 2003 when we first started providing payment processing solutions to merchants, the prices on credit card terminals were at least 500% more than they are today.  So, we as payment processing providers would have to place merchants in leases for their credit card processing POS equipment.  The leases of the past made it possible for many merchants to accept credit card payments, which would increase sales, and reduce the need for the risks of taking cash and checks.  Sounds great, right?

Those leases were great, but not for the merchants signing the “NON-cancellable, go after your heirs, estate, etc… leases.”  The ones who did well were: the agents providing the lease paperwork; the payment processing company; and the leasing company.  With that many parties in the chain, the leases needed to provide enough capital (based on future payments) to pay all parties.  So, leases at the time were at least 1000% markup over the cost of the equipment. 

Today, leasing is still a valuable tool for merchants, but one which should only be used on equipment that is too expensive to purchase out right, or where a rental is more cost prohibitive than a lease.  We will lease some Automated Teller Machines (ATMs) to some merchants today, but at a fair price, where 100% markup is provided.  The total cost of our ATM delivered and installed is $1995, where merchants keep 100% of the surcharge, so many merchants pay cash.

For the rest of our merchants, we provide the industry’s first ever FREE placement Touchscreen POS Systems, from Harbortouch and United Bank Card, Inc.  These systems are available with no-upfront costs for restaurant, retail, deli, and pizzeria merchants in the United States of America.  Available with a flat fixed cost of $2.50 per touchscreen POS System bundle, lifetime warranty/replacement, 24/7 unlimited tech support, parts, repairs, labor, onsite training, installation, daily data backup, remote back office reporting, and so much more.  All inclusive programs, for less than the cost of a single cocktail!!  The best and least expensive employee American merchants will ever have.

Our other FREE POS programs include our CASIO Electronic Cash Registers with built-in credit and debit card processing, for a LOW $79 annual lifetime warranty-replacement fee; and of course our many free to use credit card terminals, with the same low $79 annual warranty replacement fee.  Our FREE 60 day trial, customized gift card pack (50 cards) program, is also available for all of our FREE POS programs. Visit today for more information, and to sign-up for our LIVE Touchscreen POS webinars, for all restaurant and retail merchants in the United States, Alaska, and Hawaii.  Thank you. ©keith ragan 2011

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