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All restaurant, bar, and nightclub touchscreen POS merchants in Bakersfield, California, Colorado, Nevada, Texas and the entire USA, new partnership with Harbortouch POS and John Taffer's Bar Rescue will help you make more profits!

On March 28, 2017, our company announced received exciting news for Bakersfield, California, Nevada, Colorado, and the entire USA’s restaurant, bar, and nightclub touchscreen POS merchants! Harbortouch POS and John Taffer from Bar Rescue, and Link  have partnered to bring more innovation and disruption to the touchscreen POS industry.  Harbortouch and will now have the hospitality industry’s first “smart” POS or “sPOS.”

As per our Harbortouch CEO, Jared Isaacman, “I am very excited to announce a major partnership with Jon Taffer, Executive Producer and Host of Spike TV’s “Bar Rescue” and ABC's upcoming “Extreme Makeover Restaurant Edition” as well as the foremost expert in the hospitality industry. Taffer has officially endorsed our POS systems and will collaborate with Harbortouch to develop the industry’s first “smart” POS (sPOS) system. The collaboration will enable Harbortouch to integrate powerful revenue generating tools, based on Taffer’s extensive industry experience, into our Elite POS systems. This includes the already successful Jon Taffer designed BarHQ software tools. 

We really wanted to challenge ourselves to develop something truly game changing for the industry. We have already built the best POS system with the best technology and at the best price point, but we wanted to see if we could go a step further and do something entirely unique by helping our customers generate more revenue. We wanted to leverage the power of our industry-leading POS technology to help our merchants make more money. As the leading authority in the bar and restaurant industries, we knew that Jon Taffer would be the perfect partner to help pioneer this smart POS technology.”

Great news for all the restaurant, bar, and nightclub merchants!  The endorsement of John Taffer, coupled with being able to have his revolutionary BarHQ software integrate into our Elite POS systems is a win-win-win!  Win for the merchants, win for Harbortouch, and a win for the customers of all our touchscreen POS merchants.

 We have helped merchants lower costs and increase revenues since 2011 with our revolutionary Free Harbortouch POS placement program. Now, this partnership will allow more merchants to increase revenues and keep more of their profits, which will help the merchants to hire more employees and expand to other locations!  The American dream can be had, with the partnership of Harbortouch and John Taffer’s Bar Rescue.  We can help to “make America great again” one bar and restaurant at a time!

For more information on our revolutionary Harbortouch Free POS placement program with no-hassle 30-day trial, please call today: 1-888-834-2561 #101, or email:  Visit us online at Link for more information or to view some of our merchant demo videos Link.

Here is the link to the video announcement from John Taffer: Link

Thank you and Happy Selling to all our restaurant, bar, and nightclub merchants from all over California, Colorado, Nevada, Texas, Florida, Chicago, Washington, Oregon, and the rest of the USA, for 12 years of partnering with Link !

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